We are often asked: What kind of additional insurance do I need to take out for chiropractic in 2020? The chiropractic reimbursements for 2020 can be viewed here! The treatments are often reimbursed from additional health insurance and do not affect your deductible.

Fees 2020

Chiropractic reimbursements vary widely in 2020: From maximum chiropractic reimbursements of € 1,500 per year (with high monthly premiums) to realistic reimbursements of around € 500 per year.


We would be happy to discuss with you how much chiropractic care will be required in 2020 and we will be happy to provide you with tailor-made advice. We also always advise not only to look at the chiropractic reimbursements. Many types of treatment of different disciplines are often reimbursed from the supplementary insurance policies. It is therefore wise to map out your wishes. Based on this information, you can use various comparison sites such as the Independer to find out which insurance is best for you.


We looked at the best price / quality ratio from a chiropractic point of view. The top 5 we have chosen are:

Insurance CompanySupplementary packageFeesMaximum reimbursements
1ONVZVrije Keuze BenfitStarting from € 27,00 € 500,00
2Zilveren KruisAanvullend 3 sterrenStarting from € 30,75 € 550,00
3CZTopStarting from € 39,90 € 650,00
4PMAExtraVerzorgd 3Starting from € 39,01 € 600,00
5IZAExtra Zorg 3Starting from € 42,50 € 650,00

You are immediately accepted with all insurers.



The insurer Student Goed Verzekerd has nice additional packages especially for HBO and WO students. With monthly premiums from € 30.75, you can be reimbursed a maximum of € 790 per year.


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