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    Do you get back pain while playing golf?

    Do you get back pain while playing golf?

    Getting back pain is never something we want. However, when it affects what we love to do, it’s important to look for possible reasons why it occurs in the first place.


    Golf swing characteristic associated with back pain

    Golf is obsessive and most golfers don’t want to stop because of a little bit of pain, which is understandable. However, there is a golf swing characteristic that is the main cause of the low back pain in golfers. Once that swing characteristic is changed, it can improve not only your back pain but also your playing.


    So what is the main swing feature that causes low back pain?

    Most people who get low back pain from playing golf have a “reverse spine angle”. This means that on the backswing, the spine rotates and extends at the end (top) of the backswing, rather than remaining in a bent position.

    Now most players (right-handed) would think “why is my back pain on my right side and not on my left?”

    The simple answer to that is that you get the injury with the downswing. This is because you move from an extended rotated position on the downswing to a bent and rotated position on the downward movement, which results in poor stress on the joints and vertebrae in the lower back.


    What is often associated with ‘’Reverse spine angle”?

    • Bending your low back too much (front pelvic tilt)
    • Poor hip rotation
    • Poor rotation of the upper spine
    • Poor shoulder mobility
    • Insufficient “core” strength (abs / back muscles)


    What you should do?

    The first thing to do is to have a medical, golf and / or fitness professional take a look at this. They can assess why you are susceptible to these complaints.

    The golf professional can indicate where to change your position. A fitness professional can help you strengthen your core.

    If the pain continues and you feel like your back is stuck, chiropractic is an option that can certainly help!





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