Pinched nerve in back: radiation to leg


A pinched nerve in the back that radiates to a leg can be very painful. Just like with a pinched nerve in the hip or another pinched nerve. The pain can take many forms. Some experience a sharp and burning pain. Others feel tingling, numbness, or a more dull or dull pain.
In all cases, a pinched nerve in the back leads to annoying aches and pains. This mainly happens when turning, bending and lifting. In those situations, there is less room for a nerve. A hernia, sciatica or lumbago can lead to additional complaints at such a time.
So do you want to treat a pinched nerve in the back and are you looking for a chiropractor? That is what we do, by determining exactly what is going on. We treat in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg, where we determine from our practices how we can best help you with this.

Tingling, pain or numbness

The pinched nerve in the back can cause different types of pain:

  • Sharp or burning pain
    In some cases, the pain is very sharp or burning. You feel a twinge of pain, especially when you make a wrong move. It is sometimes difficult to estimate which movements you can and cannot make.
  • Numbness or dull pain
    The pain can also be much more dull. In that case you do feel that you are in pain, but this has a more nagging and calm character. A pinched nerve can even cause you to have no feeling at all in, for example, part of your leg.
  • Tingling and tingling
    Others experience tingling and prickling. It is difficult to indicate exactly where this is, because it can occur in a large area around the back and near the leg.
    The exact pain you experience with a pinched nerve in the back that radiates to the leg depends entirely on the situation. As a chiropractor in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg, we ensure that we determine exactly what is going on. We start the treatment based on the pain that you experience and the cause that we determine.

Causes: Sports Injuries and Bad Postures

A pinched nerve in the back that radiates to a leg can have a number of different causes. For some it is a sports injury. A wrong movement or an impact pinches a nerve. This then hurts, leads to numbness or to one of the other complaints described. A (car) accident or other serious blow can also lead to these complaints in a similar way.
On the other hand, the complaints can develop much more gradually, for example due to a wrong posture. Have you been in a wrong position for a long time? Or do you sleep in a position that unfortunately turns out not to be good for your back? The nerves in the spine, for example, can become pinched. This can then lead to pain in your leg. The pain radiates because the nerves connect the different parts of the body.
We determine what is going on before we start treatment as a chiropractor in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg. Sometimes you experience the pain in a place where the pinching is not at all. By looking closely at the mutual connections, we help to offer the treatment as targeted as possible. We remedy the pain and also prevent it from coming back quickly.

Treatment in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg

Are you looking for treatment for a pinched nerve in the back? As a chiropractor in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg, we always first determine what exactly is going on. We would like to hear what complaints you experience and how the pain manifests itself. The type of pain, its location and possibly radiating to the leg help us to determine what it is all about.
We then ensure that we choose the right treatment from the spine and the nervous system. We free the nerve from the entrapment. In addition, we determine the cause of the bottleneck. When it comes to incorrect posture or sleeping in a bad posture, we will help prevent this from now on. In this way we reduce the risk that you will have to deal with it again.

Pinched nerve in back: radiation to leg

If there is a pinched nerve in the back, it is important to determine exactly what causes it. So do you feel a radiance to a leg? Chances are the problems are not in the leg at all, or even close to it. It can be much higher in the back. We determine where the pain originates. Then we solve the pinch. The nerve is no longer pinched, so the pain in both the back and the leg will disappear.

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