Pinched nerve in leg


A pinched nerve in your leg can be very painful. It is a sharp and burning pain, which can also radiate to the hip and, for example, the foot.

A pinched nerve can arise in different ways, both in a leg and, for example, in the shoulder. In both cases it is an annoying and sometimes severe pain, which gets worse when you stand, for example.

Tip: when you think of pain, do you think of a pinched nerve in your leg? You often feel the pain in one leg at a time, not both.

Symptoms and Signs

Curious about the symptoms and signs of a pinched nerve in the (upper) leg? It’s about:

  • A dull, burning, or stinging pain
  • Pain that gets worse when you stand for a long time
  • Pain in one leg at a time

Keep in mind that the pinched nerve is probably located somewhere in the spine. In that respect, you feel the pain in a different place than where the exact cause is. We take this into account when we provide the treatment as a chiropractor.

Cause of the pinched nerve

Before we start with the treatment as a chiropractor, we conduct research into what exactly is going on. That way we determine the cause. Of course, we also take into account how a nerve compression in an (upper) leg generally arises:

  • Tight clothing or a tight belt
  • Bunch of keys or wallet in a pocket
  • Sit cross-legged
  • Sports with backward movements
  • Pregnancy

In addition, a pinching of a nerve in the leg can arise, for example, due to obesity, a metabolic disease or as scars after an operation in that area.
The various causes indicate how important it is to accurately determine what exactly is going on. Only in this way can we as chiropractors get started with the treatment. We focus on the nerve that has become pinched, to free it again. In this way we remedy the pain and prevent it from returning quickly when turning or moving.

Pinched nerve in leg

Suffering from a pinched nerve in the leg? It can cause a stinging, burning, dull or more severe pain. In all these cases it leads to an unpleasant feeling or even a particularly painful experience. As a chiropractor, we determine exactly what is going on. Based on this, we determine how a treatment could help. We will make a treatment plan together with you, on the basis of which we help to solve the pain caused by the pinched nerve.

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