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    The Myovision scan

    Pain and discomfort can be caused by an incorrect position of a vertebra (subluxation), to which the muscles around the vertebra respond. This increased muscle tone can be caused by stress, incorrect lifting, an incorrect posture, a bad mattress, etc. These subluxations reduce the ability of the body to maintain optimal health by hindering the proper functioning of the nervous system. The Myovision Scan visualizes voltage (and therefore the deviation) and is one of the objective tools with which your chiropractor can detect subluxations. Chiropractors are trained to correct subluxations. This not only helps you to become pain free, but also healthier.

    The stripes are a visual interpretation of a high (red), above average (hard pink), and medium to low (green) level of muscle tone. The longer the stripes, the higher the voltage.

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