Chiropractic Treatments


At American Chiropractic, our team goes beyond conventional medicine by offering services and techniques that not only alleviate symptoms but also address and resolve the underlying causes of your specific dysfunction. Below is a selection of the various treatments we perform.

Back adjustment

Rib mobilzation or adjustment is used for rib pain and difficulty in breathing and is used to improve rib motion.

Anterior thoracic adjustment (Back adjustment)

Anterior thoracic adjustment is used for middle back pain and is a adjustment to the Thoracic spine to improve spinal motion.

MTA (Y strap) treatment

The Y-strap is known as one of the most authentic and classic chiropractic techniques. For many patients, the treatment is relieving.

Leg adjustment

This treatment is designed to open up the affected joint in the direction in which the chiropractor pulls.

Neck adjustment

Neck adjustment is to improve cervical spinal movement and improve proper alignment in the neck.

Extremity adjustment

This treatment improves joint dysfunction, reduces pain and inflammation, and stimulates the healing process.

Spinal adjustment

Spinal adjustment safely aligns the spine for decreased pain , better function and improved range of motion.

Graston treatment

With the Graston technique, the chiropractor can release adhesions in the subcutaneous connective tissue. Adhered tissue can lead to irritation in muscles, joints, nerve pathways, and blood vessels.

Traction chair

This treatment helps reduce scoliosis, alleviates pain, increases flexibility, and improves damage to intervertebral discs.

Posture pictures analysis

Posture pictures are a visual tool to correlate symptoms and overall body biomechanics and objective findings.

Core stim treatment

Relieves muscle spasms decrease pain and inflammation and increases circulation.

Body Weighting on the Vibe

Strengthens and retrains your postural muscles , decreases pain and increases speed of postural improvement.

Thompson Drop Table

The Thompson Drop-Table technique utilizes a specially designed table consisting of padded platforms equipped with drop mechanisms.

Thompson Drop Table Side Position

The Thompson Drop-Table technique involves the patient “dropping” a few millimeters while the chiropractor delivers a quick thrust to complete the adjustment.

Wiebel kussen behandeling (Wobble chair)

The treatment restores damaged intervertebral discs, improves flexibility, reduces pain, and strengthens the lower back.

Side posture adjustment

Side posture adjustment is to help release stress and pain in the lower back by adjusting the lumbar spine an sacrum at a side angle.

Quadratus Lumborum Prone

Quadratus Lumborum prone is a advanced stretch for the lower back muscles if you have no problems with sitting on your knees.

Quadratus Lumborum standing

This treatment helps stretch the lower back muscles in a standing position if you have problems with your knees.

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