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    Complaints procedure

    What can you do in case of a complaint?

    Of course your chiropractor will do everything to make the treatment and contact as pleasant as possible. Sometimes it may happen that this does not go exactly the way you want. For example, if you are dissatisfied with the way the chiropractor deals with you or your complaint. It is good to make this known. You do this not only for yourself, but also for other patients. This will help improve the quality of chiropractic.


    Talk to your chiropractor

    If you are dissatisfied with your treatment, first try to find a solution with the healthcare provider yourself. It often helps to clearly ask time and attention for your problem. Usually many problems are solved in this way.

    You can reach the chiropractor by email: info@americanchiro.nl and/or by phone: 070 – 666 7777


    Complaints officer

    We advise you to always discuss any problems with your chiropractor first. Problems can often be solved by mutual agreement. If you are unable to find a solution together, you can contact the complaints officer of the SCN:

    Stichting Chiropractie Nederland
    06 – 57 22 89 88
    Postbus 1000 Box A 650
    2260 NA Leidschendam



    If the mediation fails, then there is a dispute. In accordance with the Quality of Complaints and Disputes in Healthcare Act (WKKGZ), all SCN registrants are affiliated (with other healthcare disciplines in complementary exercise care (CBZG)) to an independent dispute resolution body, which will issue a binding opinion within six months.

    Stichting zorggeschil; www.zorggeschil.nl

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