The treatment in 3 stages


Treatment almost always starts on your first visit.
During your second visit, the diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed with you.



The first phase of chiropractic treatment aims to stabilize the body.
To make this as effective as possible, intensive treatment is required (2 to 3 times per
week, depending on the personal situation). During this phase it is possible that there is
reactions in the body such as muscle pain, stiffness or fatigue. These are
natural reactions in the body and can manifest in muscles that are not good for a long time
have worked (over- or underload). The reaction may also be triggered by it
release of toxic substances that have accumulated. Mentioned possible response are
temporary. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment take plenty of rest.



The purpose of this phase is to target the body (spine, joints, muscles and
ligaments) again to adapt to normal conditions. After the
stabilization, an environment has been created that ensures good healing of the tissue. This is
crucial as this tissue provides support for the vertebrae and their associated
joints. NOTE: during this phase it is important to recognize that although the
frequency of treatments and pain decrease, the process is still at crucial stage
is. Overloading can cause a relapse at this stage.
Consult with your chiropractor before resuming strenuous and stressful activities!



After your spine has stabilized, it is recommended that you return on a regular basis
so that it can be checked whether vertebrae have shifted again. This is not
important only for your overall health but it is also a good way to relapse
or prevent new complaints. Since everyone’s bodies and lifestyle are different, the frequency of regular checks will also be different. By then your chiropractor will advise you on this.

A chiropractic adjustment rarely causes discomfort.
However, patients may sometimes experience mild pain or discomfort after a treatment, which usually resolves on its own within 12-48 hours.