Chiropractor practice


Are you looking for a chiropractic practice in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg? We have two chiropractic practices. We are happy to treat you there, but not before we have clearly established what exactly is going on.
So do you experience complaints in the head, neck and back? These are typical physical complaints that we can do something about in practice. We use manipulation techniques for this. It is about adjusting and squatting, of course based on scientific and medical knowledge of the human body. For example, in our chiropractic practice we provide safe and effective treatment, based on controlled and rapid stretching movements.

Treatment from the nervous system

At our chiropractic practice in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg we treat from the nervous system. We know how it works and how it affects other parts of the body. This knowledge is important, because with it we ensure that we can treat you as well as possible in our practice.
Our chiropractors all have university degrees. That means they are scientifically aware of the composition of the human body. We know the role of the nervous system and how, for example, an entrapment can lead to complaints.

Reimbursements and Insurance

We understand that you are looking for a chiropractic practice that can treat you well. At the same time, you naturally want to know whether there are costs involved and where you stand. That is why we are happy to explain to you about the insurances and the reimbursements. In many cases, the additional insurance reimburses the costs of chiropractic. There is no deductible for these reimbursements, so you do not have to take that into account in most cases.
Tip: we have already listed for you which insurance policies offer reimbursement

Chiropractic Practice

Are you looking for a chiropractic practice in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg? We ensure that you can be treated by an experienced chiropractor from both locations. We know what may be wrong if you experience certain pain. So are you looking for a specialist who can determine what is going on? And who goes to work with that, for a treatment that takes away the pain?
That’s what we take care of at our chiropractic practice. In addition, we draw up a treatment plan together, so that you always know exactly where you stand.

Questions about our chiropractic practice or our chiropractic care in general? Call us on telephone number 070 666 7777, send us an e-mail to or use the online contact form. Then we will contact you shortly.