Chiropractic Center for Back and Neck


In our chiropractic center for back and neck we treat a variety of complaints. So do you experience pain in the back, neck or in multiple places throughout the body? We treat osteoarthritis, a curved back and even complaints that you do not know where they come from.
Before we treat you, we do extensive research into what exactly is going on. As a chiropractic center we treat with the hands, from the nervous system and the joints. We determine where the pain comes from. Not infrequently we find an underlying cause that causes the symptoms you are experiencing.
By tackling the complaints at the cause, we prevent them from coming back over time. So are you experiencing back and neck pain? Simply cracking the neck by a chiropractor may not always be the best solution. Sometimes it is about a curved back as well as the underlying cause. It can come from the neck or lower in the body. We will find out what is going on for you, so that we can treat you accordingly.


Back and neck pain

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis in the neck and are you looking for a chiropractor? Is it a back pain? Or are you not sure where it comes from? Sitting, moving and, for example, lifting can be painful. In many cases it is not immediately clear where this is due to. And it is therefore not easy to do something about it yourself.
We determine what is going on before we start the treatment. This is how we find the cause for the back and neck pain that you experience. And we find out whether it’s a good idea to crack the neck or back. Or that we as chiropractors (at the same time) have to work with a different cause.
We are the chiropractic center for the neck and back you are looking for. We treat specific complaints from the nervous system and joints. For this we look for blockages, the so-called subluxations. We eliminate these, so that the blood circulation improves and the complaints decrease. Or so that the pain even disappears completely, so that you can move freely again and do what you want.

For osteoarthritis, a curved back and other complaints

Curious about what we treat as a chiropractic center for neck and back? Of course we can crack those parts of the body. We treat with our hands, based on knowledge of the nervous system and joints. In this way we remove blockages, the so-called subluxations. It forms the basis of the treatments, which we do on the basis of careful research into what exactly is going on.
So does our research show that the complaints do not (only) come from the back or the neck? For example, we treat the knee and the pelvic. In many cases, the various complaints throughout the body are related to each other. We try to investigate, assess and treat as holistically as possible. In this way we avoid cracking the neck or back and that you experience pain in another part of the body after a while.

Chiropractic center for back and neck in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg

So are you looking for a chiropractor in The Hague to have your feet, knees or pelvis treated, for example? These are parts of the body that have to endure a lot, so that complaints can easily arise.
We investigate what is going on, just like when you experience the complaints in the neck or back. And does it concern, for example, your shoulder or another part of the body? Tell us what is bothering you and we will suggest the best way to investigate it.
In some cases you experience the complaints in a certain part of the body. Those are the symptoms, while the underlying cause may be in a completely different place. We treat the nervous system and joints. In this way we arrive at a more holistic approach. The symptoms diminish or even disappear completely. And that is an important reason why many of our patients call us the best chiropractor in The Hague and surroundings.

Chiropractor in The Hague

We are your chiropractic center for back and neck in The Hague, Leidschendam and Voorburg, for example. You are very welcome at our practice. We conduct research into where the aches and pains in your body come from. And whether it is indeed about the neck and the back. Or that there is something underlying that makes our treatment look different.
By properly determining what is going on (underlying) we reduce pain, we can sometimes prevent it completely and it does not come back afterwards. So are you thinking of osteoarthritis or other causes? We determine what is going on and deal with it based on that. This way you can be sure that we work in a targeted manner, even if it means that we have to look beyond the back and neck alone. The result is a tailor-made treatment, with which we prevent you from suffering from treatable aches and other complaints for longer.

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