Disadvantages of Chiropractic


What are the disadvantages of chiropractic and should you be aware of any side effects? These are important questions when you first think of a chiropractor. You may not know exactly how we work, which studies we do and how we treat with our hands.
Chiropractic has no side effects. We do not use (harmful) chemicals and any unnecessary medicines. Instead, we examine your body and find the (underlying) cause of physical complaints. They treat with our hands, from a manipulation in the spine. We focus on the nervous system and the joints.

Disadvantages of chiropractic in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg

So, are there any drawbacks to chiropractic? Some speak of ‘squatting’ and that has a negative connotation. In practice, it is a light cracking sound, which is completely harmless and also painless. The sound is created by a vacuum effect, similar to uncorking a champagne bottle. It is air that escapes, so it could in no way be harmful to the body.
There are therefore no clear disadvantages of chiropractic. We treat to allow the body to function optimally again. By taking good care of the body, this repairs any abnormalities and the pain that arises as a result. The pain is often a symptom of an underlying cause that is not always obvious.
The chiropractor will investigate together with you what is going on physically. And so that you experience the complaints that bother you. By removing the blockages in the body that cause the pain, it is possible to reduce the complaints and even remedy them. In fact, we prevent the complaints from returning in the long run.

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