Chiropractor for headaches


Going to the Chiropractor for Headaches: Is That a Good Idea? Pain is a natural signal that warns of a problem somewhere in the body. You can combat that pain with medication, although it is better to provide the solution from within.
For that reason, the chiropractor can be a very wise choice for headaches. It is a safe treatment, which is available even during pregnancy. And which traditionally helps, for example, with a hernia and other problems in the neck, back and shoulders.

Headache: to the chiropractor

So do you have a headache or migraine? There is a good chance that you also suffer from:

  • Neck pain
  • Facial pain
  • Jaw problems
  • Pain from whiplash

In those cases, it is quite possible that there is actually an underlying cause. Within chiropractic with us in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg we look for what is the actual cause. We solve the actual problem, so that you do not need medication to combat the (head) pain. Instead, we make sure that the pain won’t come back next time.

Cause of the headache

Headaches can have many causes, partly due to the different types that exist. For example, do you ever have a short headache? Or is it more chronic in nature? For example, we distinguish tension headaches and migraines. They are very different shapes, which you can feel both in front of the head and in the back of the head. The pain may also manifest above the eyes.
Whatever type of headache you have, it can be very annoying and greatly affect what you can do that day. As a chiropractor, we look for the underlying cause. What causes the headache and what can be done about it? By determining this, we ensure the most targeted treatment possible.

Chiropractor for headaches

Do you go to the chiropractor for a headache? We remove the cause of the pain. For this we look closely at, for example, the nervous system. This is often the cause of the pain we experience, even if it sometimes manifests itself in a different place.
So are you curious where the headache comes from? Or do you no longer want to take medication to numb it? As chiropractors we look for the actual cause of the headache. This is how we ensure that you can finally get rid of that. And that the headaches or migraines don’t come back either.

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