As a chiropractor for the hip, we treat complaints around the hips, buttocks, thighs and ultimately the knees. Pain in one of these body parts or joints often radiates. This requires a broader approach, with attention to the nervous system and the joints.
As a chiropractor, we will look for the cause of the blockages that have arisen for you. Those are the subluxations, which we remedy by treating with our hands. So do you experience specific complaints? Or do you just not know where it comes from? If you cannot move the hip smoothly, it causes all kinds of daily complaints. We treat the cause of the problem, so that you noticeably improve within a number of treatments.

Chiropractor for hip in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg

As a chiropractor for the hip, we naturally investigate what is going on. So is it a pelvic twist or a pelvic misalignment? We determine the cause of the pain you are experiencing. Often it is an irritation of the bursa around the hip. This can lead to a change in position, which in turn affects the knee in that leg. In addition, even vertebrae can become crooked, causing you to experience even more complaints.
We treat both hips and feet and, for example, shoulders. We treat from a broad view of the body, possible blockages and how we can solve those subluxations. This way we provide the treatment you are looking for. And reduces hip pain. Or can we even remove it completely, with the treatments by our chiropractor.

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