Chiropractor in The Hague


American Chiro is your chiropractor in The Hague and surroundings. In our practice at Koningin Julianaplein 10 in The Hague, we conduct research into exactly where your pain is today and what is going on underlying it. So do you experience complaints in your feet, knees, shoulders or in the neck and back? We determine where that comes from. And how the nervous system and the joints play a role in it.
Of course we will not say that we are the best chiropractor in The Hague. We prefer to leave that to the people we treat and who are satisfied with it. They appreciate the way we research, treat and stay involved to prevent new complaints.
So are you looking for a chiropractor in The Hague? We would be happy to tell you more about the way we conduct research and then treat it. And do you want to know more about that? Or would you like to immediately make an appointment with a qualified and experienced chiropractor? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Professional examination and treatment

Before we start the treatment as a chiropractor in The Hague, we do a thorough investigation into what exactly is going on. In this way we determine where the complaints come from. We thus treat the underlying case, on top of any symptoms or complaints that you experience in another part of the body.

Recognized professional group: Dutch Chiropractors Association (NCA)

Our chiropractors in The Hague are of course fully university qualified and experienced. In fact, we value the international recognition and endorsement of the expertise by the various chiropractic associations. We are also a member of the Dutch Chiropractors Association (NCA) in the Netherlands.
In the first instance, this guarantees the high quality of our targeted examinations and the specific treatments. Moreover, as a member of that organization we keep our knowledge up-to-date. And from the NCA we have contact with many other specialists in the field. We thus ensure that we are always informed about new research methods and treatments. So that we can help you with this, for example by determining what is going on underlying if you experience certain complaints.

Feet, knees, pelvis, back, neck and more

So are you looking for a chiropractor in The Hague to have your feet, knees or pelvis treated, for example? These are parts of the body that have to endure a lot, so that complaints can easily arise.
We investigate what is going on, just like when you experience the complaints in the neck or back. And does it concern, for example, your shoulder or another part of the body? Tell us what is bothering you and we will suggest the best way to investigate it.
In some cases you experience the complaints in a certain part of the body. Those are the symptoms, while the underlying cause may be in a completely different place. We treat the nervous system and joints. In this way we arrive at a more holistic approach. The symptoms diminish or even disappear completely. And that is an important reason why many of our patients call us the best chiropractor in The Hague and surroundings.

Chiropractor in The Hague

As a chiropractor in The Hague, we treat patients from all over Zuid Holland. With two practices at different locations, we are always close to you.
So the location for you is Leidschendam near Voorburg closest to you? We naturally work with the best chiropractors, both in The Hague and at our other location. They have completed an international education at the highest level.
And are you in doubt about the pain you are experiencing and whether it is a good idea to visit a chiropractor in The Hague or surroundings? Tell us what’s bothering you. And what you may have already tried to find a solution for that. We can indicate how we would examine your body. And how we treat with our hands on that basis, to remove important blockages (subluxations) from the nervous system and the joints.

Questions about us as a chiropractor in The Hague or our chiropractic care in general? Call us on telephone number 070 666 7777, send us an e-mail to or use the online contact form. Then we will contact you shortly.