Chiropractor Exercises


Do our chiropractor exercises, for example for the back or for the rest of the body. In this way, ensure that the treatment continues to have an effect for as long as possible.
With the exercises of our chiropractor you prevent the pain or tingling from returning. Instead, you work on stronger muscles and more stability. That will avoid the problems you experienced before. The exercises by the chiropractor help you in this way an important step forward.

Practicing yourself: strengthening muscles and more stability

With the chiropractor exercises you can just get started yourself. The exercises are not difficult, although a little explanation the first time can of course not hurt. This concerns, for example, stretching exercises and exercises that strengthen the muscles. In addition, they contribute to more stability, giving nerves enough space, for example.

Chiropractor exercises in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg

Curious about our chiropractor exercises at our practices in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg? We tailor the exercises to the pain you experience or the other complaints that you suffer from. This way we provide a treatment that you can continue at home. By moving in the right way with the exercises, you prevent the aches and pains from coming back, so that you can enjoy our treatment(s) for much longer.

Questions about chiropractor exercises or our chiropractic care in general? Call us on telephone number 070 666 7777, send us an e-mail to or use the online contact form. Then we will contact you shortly.