Difference manual therapist and chiropractor


What is the difference between a manual therapist and a chiropractor? We get that question regularly. And we understand that, because both specialists treat with their hands.
They both focus on, for example, the spine and the nervous system. From there we treat any complaints you experience. Both specialists take into account the fact that everything in the body is connected.
On the other hand, there is indeed a difference between the manual therapist and chiropractor. In fact, there are large differences based on the completed training. So do you think about the chiropractor and the manual therapist? And are you curious who can best help you with the complaints you experience? We list a number of important differences. That way, compare the chiropractor vs. the manual therapist.

Two treatment methods with the hands

We understand that the differences between a chiropractor and a manual therapist are not always clear. Both practitioners mainly use their hands for this. In that respect, the two specialists have a lot in common, so the confusion about this is not surprising.
On the other hand, there are certainly differences. The chiropractor, for example, follows a longer and more intensive (university) training. The manual therapist also does an academic study, although this is often part-time.
The fact that the two specialists work with their hands does not say everything. There are indeed differences, based on the focus of the training and the treatments. The treatment methods are in some cases the same, but can also be very different. We list some of the important differences.

Training to become a manual therapist and chiropractor

The training courses for manual therapists and chiropractors are different:

  • Manual therapist
    The manual therapist follows a (part-time) training. This is an academic program that lasts on average 3 years.
  • Chiropractor
    Chiropractic training lasts 5 years. Moreover, it is a full-time university study, due to the further specialization.
    Education differs, even if the basics are largely the same. This translates into treatment methods that are similar in a number of cases. Both the manual therapist and the chiropractor use their hands and focus, for example, on the spine and the nervous system.

Manual therapist training: part-time academic training

The manual therapist training is a part-time academic training. The training mainly focuses on:

  • Diagnosis
  • Recognition of pathological processes
  • Analysis of X-rays
  • MRI diagnostics
  • Clinical experience

The focus of the training is therefore different from that for the chiropractor. In addition, it is often a part-time course that lasts, for example, 3 years. For example, it is already possible during the training to work alongside. The advantage of this is that the manual therapist already gains experience in practice.

Chiropractic Education: Full-time University Study

A chiropractor has completed a different training. This is a full-time university study, lasting 5 years. Other topics are covered during this study. This concerns, for example:

  • Anatomy
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology

The chiropractor will study many subjects that also apply to other physicians. In this way it is a more traditional medical training. In the United States in particular, chiropractic students are for a while on par with manual therapists. The chiropractor will then specialize, for more in-depth and in-depth knowledge to be able to treat.


Advice: who can treat you best?

So, are you hesitating between a manual therapist and a chiropractor? If you experience complaints, it is important that you have confidence in the practitioner. A chiropractor treats from the focus on the spine and, for example, the nervous system. The different parts of the body are connected to each other. This means that a pain in one place may be related to a pinching or other problem in another part of the body.
The manual therapist also assumes this mutual connection. In that respect, the approach is the same in a number of cases. At the same time, the chiropractor can work in a more specialized way, and with other types of complaints.
Tip: tell us which complaints you experience. As a chiropractor, we are happy to explain whether we can treat you for this. In addition, we indicate what the treatment could look like. We explain what we would try, so that you can get rid of the complaints.


Difference manual therapist and chiropractor

Do you think we can help you as a chiropractor better than a manual therapist? Or have you perhaps already tried the manual therapist and are you curious about what a chiropractor can do? In those cases, we are happy to explain the differences to you. This way we ensure that you get a better idea of what you can expect from us. We ensure that we remove the ambiguity, even if that means that you may well go to a manual therapist.

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