Physiotherapy and chiropractic


What is the difference between physical therapy and chiropractic? It’s an important question that we get regularly. The difference is easy to explain, because the basis of the two treatments is completely different.
A chiropractor or physiotherapist will work very differently. In some cases, both chiropractic and physical therapy can provide relief. At the same time, the approach is very different.

Please note: some ask us ‘is chiropractic physiotherapy’? That is not the case. Keep this in mind if you experience complaints and if you want to know, for example, whether the treatments and rates are reimbursed.

Manipulation instead of mobilization

The difference between physiotherapy and chiropractic is already clear at the base of the treatments:

  • Physiotherapy

Despite the overlap between the two treatment methods, physiotherapy is based on mobilization techniques. It involves manipulation and massage techniques, as well as electrical therapies and exercise to restore the body.

  • Chiropractic

Chiropractic is all about manipulation techniques. The chiropractor uses his or her hands to adjust the weights of the spine and limbs in areas of limited movement. Gentle and specific manipulation helps to restore normal body movement.

Treatment of various complaints and disorders

Do you suffer from, for example, acute or chronic low back pain or neck pain? These are typical complaints for which chiropractic can offer a solution. This also applies to sciatica, neck-related tension headaches and neck-related dizziness. In addition, at American Chiro we treat, for example, discourse and extremity within joint disorders. Some of these conditions can also be treated with physiotherapy. Keep in mind that the approach will be different in that case.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

Are you in doubt between the use of physiotherapy or chiropractic? It is wise to start from the specific complaints that you experience. Not all complaints can be treated with chiropractic, because it involves manipulation instead of mobilization.
We are happy to advise you about the options if you are thinking of chiropractic. And do we think that physiotherapy is better suited in your case to treat the complaints you are experiencing? We will indicate it to you. That way you can be sure that you can work with physiotherapy or chiropractic on the complaints you are experiencing.

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