Price of a chiropractor treatment


What is the price of a chiropractor treatment? The Dutch Chiropractors Association advises on the rates for chiropractic in the Netherlands. We look at this when determining the prices, so that we can indicate exactly where you stand in advance.
For chiropractic we charge a price per treatment or a rate per therapy that we offer. We will indicate in advance what the costs will be.
If you experience complaints after being treated by a chiropractor or if you want to know how many treatments you need, we ask you to contact us. We are happy to speak to you, so that you know exactly what we can do for you.

Cost of treatments

What are the costs of chiropractor treatments? We charge competitive rates. 
If you are considering treatment by a chiropractor, we would like to invite you for a free intake. You will visit us in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg, where we will determine what is probably going on. Based on this, we can immediately indicate what the costs will be for the treatment. It is not always possible to estimate exactly how many treatments will be needed.

Insurance reimbursement

Of course we are also happy to explain to you which chiropractic costs you can have reimbursed by the insurance. Do you have additional health insurance? In most cases, this will simply cover the costs for our chiropractor. It is of course wise to take into account the maximum coverage, so that you do not exceed it.

Price of a chiropractor treatment

We are of course happy to be open about the price of a treatment by the chiropractor. Let us know which complaints you experience and we will draw up a treatment plan together with you. We will of course indicate the price of the treatments, so that you are aware of the costs. In addition, we help you find out whether you can have the costs reimbursed by the health insurer. That way you pay a low price for chiropractic yourself. Or you may pay nothing at all, thanks to reimbursement from an additional health insurance policy.

Questions about the price of a treatment at the chiropractor or our chiropractic care in general? Call us on telephone number 070 666 7777, send us an e-mail to or use the online contact form. Then we will contact you shortly.