Treatment of neck hernia chiropractor


What does the treatment of a neck hernia by a chiropractor look like? How many treatments and are needed and how the complaints develop afterwards will of course vary from case to case. Nevertheless, we are happy to indicate what the treatment at our practice in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg will look like.

How does a neck hernia develop?

Before treatment, we determine exactly what is going on. So is it a neck hernia? It occurs when an intervertebral disc shows an unusual bulge. That bulge presses on the nerve root and could even irritate the spinal cord. This leads to pain, which can manifest itself in the neck as well as the rest of the back.
For example, the cause of a neck hernia can be the following:

  • Acute condition from twisting, lifting or shock
    In many cases it “shoots in.” People experience a neck hernia due to twisting, lifting or a certain shock to the spine. In some cases, this occurs even with a hard sneeze, which reflects how sensitive the back and neck are.
  • Spine wear
    On the other hand, it can be a slow wear of the spine. We officially speak of degeneration, which eventually causes a (neck) hernia.

Neck Hernia Treatment Chiropractor

Would you like to have a neck hernia treated by a chiropractor? We do this at our practice in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg. We determine exactly what is going on and where the pain comes from. Based on that, we take care of the treatment.

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