The reimbursements for chiropractic have not changed much in 2023 compared to 2022. Only the insurer PZP has slightly reduced their reimbursements for the chiropractor. The insurer IZA has reduced the daily allowance by €5, but their annual reimbursement remains the same. Certain health insurers have disappeared totally: Menzis has canceled its collaboration with PMA after 25 years, PNO has transferred it’s operations to ONVZ and ZorgDirect will continue under the flag of Salland. You can view the chiropractic reimbursements for 2023 here! The treatments are often reimbursed from additional health insurance and do not affect your deductible.


Chiropractor Fees 2023

In 2023, chiropractic reimbursements will vary widely: From maximum chiropractic reimbursements of €1,500 per year (with high monthly premiums) to realistic reimbursements of around €500 per year.



We would be happy to discuss with you how much chiropractic care you will need in 2023 and provide you with tailor-made advice. We also always advise not to look only at the chiropractic fees. Many types of treatments from different disciplines are often reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. It is therefore wise to carefully map out your wishes. Based on this information, you can use various comparison sites such as Independer to see which insurance suits you best.


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