At the American Chiropractic you can enjoy various coffee types such as espresso, cappuccino or of course lungo (“regular coffee”). In the beginning of 2020, the American Chiropractic switched with all its practices to the Arabica coffee beans from Pure Africa. Pure Africa manages the entire chain (after the farmer), so that they can pay a fair price to the coffee farmer in Africa. In addition, they invest € 1 from each kilogram of coffee purchased, for example by the American Chiropractic, in microcredits to coffee farmers in Africa. The microcredits are used to expand plantations and improve harvests.


The Allemansvriend

We serve Arabica coffee beans with the name Allemansfriend. This is a Sidamo coffee from the south of Ethiopia. The special flavors you taste (rich notes of exotic fruits such as mandarin and citrus fruits) and the intense fragrance makes this a very accessible and highly appreciated coffee.

Try our coffee now and let us know your feedback!


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