Manual therapy and chiropractic: the difference


Manual therapy or chiropractic: what’s the difference? Both practitioners mainly use their hands. However, there is an important difference, based on the education followed.
A manual therapist has completed a shorter training than the chiropractor. The manual therapist follows a (part-time) academic training of 3 years. The chiropractor follows a university course of 5 years. It is a full-time academic training, for an in-depth and thorough knowledge of the human body.

With the hands: form of manual therapy

So do you want to know what the difference is between manual therapy and chiropractic? The training shows the situation more clearly than the method of treatment. Both specialists will mainly use their hands. Chiropractic is a form of manual therapy.
During training, a chiropractor also covers topics such as anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology. This does not automatically apply to the manual therapist.
American training courses for chiropractors, in particular, are initially parallel to those for manual therapists. The chiropractic students will then specialize during the extra years of study that the manual therapist does not follow.

Manual Therapy and Chiropractic: The Difference

So are you in doubt about manual therapy or chiropractic and are you curious about the specific difference between the two? We are happy to explain it to you personally. Let us know what is bothering you and which specialist you are looking for. Then we ensure that you get a good idea of ​​what manual therapy and chiropractic can mean in this regard. So it turns out you’re looking for a chiropractor? We are happy to work with it for you, of course on the basis of the extensive training in order to be able to handle it with our hands.

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