Lumbago: Chiropractor


Visiting a chiropractor with lumbago? That is a good idea. It makes sense that we say that as chiropractic practices. In addition, it is also something that our patients tell. We help them with lumbago and other problems, such as a hernia or osteoarthritis in the neck.
At our practices in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg we determine exactly what is going on. So is it about lumbago? It is an (acute) low back pain. This goes together with the cramping of muscles, causing painful and difficult situations.

Muscle spasm

This cramping of the muscles can arise in all kinds of ways. When we start working with spit as chiropractors, we look for the exact cause. For example, is there an overload on the back? This can lead to a spontaneous cramping of the muscles, as you may know from your calves.
In addition, a wrong movement can lead to irritation of the joints in the back. Even then, there is spit. As a chiropractor, we carefully examine what exactly is going on and where the cause is. Only in this way can we draw up a suitable treatment plan. And we prevent the pain from returning quickly, after we initially reduce it or make it disappear.

Treatment with chiropractic

Are you looking for a chiropractor for a hernia? We provide the treatment you are looking for. We check the spine for any existing blockages so that we can address them. Based on a careful examination, we determine how we can carry out the treatment as locally and specifically as possible. We correct the blockages that are present. In this way we restore the functioning of the nervous system. The big advantage of this is that the body gets the chance to repair itself. This prevents unnecessary use of medicines and other substances. Instead, as chiropractors, we provide natural treatment for a hernia.

Risk of chronic complaints

It is also important to have the spit checked by a chiropractor or someone else quickly. Wouldn’t you? You run the risk of chronic complaints. This means that you continue with the cause, so that the spit comes back regularly.
After an attack of lumbago, have yourself checked thoroughly by a chiropractor. In this way, discover what exactly is going on and where the cause of the pain lies. Only by tackling that cause will it be possible to stay free of it next time.

Lumbago: chiropractor

Are you experiencing spit and want to see a chiropractor? At our practices in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg, we have a lot of experience with the treatment of these. That means we can relieve the pain in a reasonable amount of time. No surgery is required.
In fact, as a chiropractor we prevent any damage to the spine and nerves. In one or more treatments we will (considerably) reduce the pain or even remove it completely.

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