Osteoarthritis in the neck: chiropractor


If you suffer from osteoarthritis in the neck, the chiropractor is an excellent choice. We can handle this excellently at our practices in The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg. Just like with lumbago and with, for example, sciatica we look closely at what exactly is going on. is. We determine the cause of the pain, so that we can treat it properly.
The chiropractor and osteoarthritis are a good combination for many people. So does that bother you? It is wear and tear, which will eventually lead to pain in the spine. It can also happen to anyone. The wear cannot be removed, however. As a chiropractor for osteoarthritis, we ensure that we improve the flexibility of movement and the freedom of movement of the joints.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis (in the neck)

Osteoarthritis can occur in the neck or elsewhere. In all cases this can be very painful. As a chiropractor, we can treat this well in a number of cases.
Typical symptoms are a tight joint that is difficult to move. You will probably feel (a lot of) pain. The joint can also swell, because the body produces fluid as it does with a bruise.
With osteoarthritis in the neck, it is especially difficult to turn the neck properly. Looking back on the bike or in the car is painful, which can lead to dangerous situations. Many people describe the feeling of having sand in the neck. This is of course not the case, but it is a recognizable symptom.

Treat cause

As a chiropractor, we can treat osteoarthritis in the neck well in a number of cases. We help the joints move more smoothly again. This prevents the pain, for example when turning the neck.
We normalize the joints that have started to move more. That prevents those joints from having to walk on their toes, which would eventually cause them to wear out more than they normally would. In this way, we prevent the complaints from increasing enormously in the long term.

Osteoarthritis in the neck: chiropractor

So do you suffer from wear and tear in the neck? It is about osteoarthritis, a process that unfortunately cannot be reversed just like that. Medicines can relieve the pain, although it does not address the cause of the problems. Instead, we make sure that we find out where the problems are coming from. Then we make the joints more flexible again. And we prevent extra wear and tear in the neck. In the case of osteoarthritis in the neck, for example, as a chiropractor, we ensure that you will experience much less (or no) pain at all.

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