Pinched nerve in foot: symptoms


Suffering from a pinched nerve in the foot? That can be very painful. It is especially common in the forefoot. The nerves ensure that you have feeling in the toes. With a nerve compression, the nerve can swell and become extra pinched. That leads to more pain, at the heads of the forefoot bones.
Just like with a pinched nerve in the shoulder or neck let’s first determine what’s going on. Once this is clear, we will draw up a treatment plan. We treat from the spine and the nervous system. That’s where the pain ultimately comes from, because the important parts in the body are interconnected.

In the forefoot: Morton’s neuroma

Do you suffer from a pinched nerve in the foot, especially while walking? It may be Morton’s neuroma. You can recognize this by the specific symptoms, which we discuss further below.
The pain will mainly be on the front of the foot. The neuroma often occurs between the third and fourth toe. It often concerns irritation, a condition or extra pressure that you experience. It’s hard to see a Morton’s neuroma from the outside. Instead, you will feel a burning pain from the ball of the foot to the foot and toes.

Available treatments: the chiropractor

We can treat a pinched nerve in the foot in different ways as a chiropractor. We first determine what exactly is going on. Based on this, we will, for example, offer more space to the bone in the foot. This reduces the pressure on the nerve, so that you will suffer much less from it.
Does it appear that the pinched nerve cannot simply be treated with this? Sometimes surgery offers a solution. We indicate exactly what is going on and how surgery could possibly help.

Pinched Nerve in Foot: Symptoms

Do you suffer from a pinched nerve in the foot? For example, the following symptoms indicate a Morton’s neuroma:

  • Pain without showing anything on the outside
  • Burning or shooting pain in the forefoot
  • Pain radiating to the toes
  • A numb, tingling, or numb sensation in the toes

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