Pinched nerve in neck


A pinched nerve in the neck can be very painful. The pain can also radiate to the shoulder and/or arm, so that an entire area can feel painful. Medically we speak of a cervical radicular pain.
Just like with a pinched nerve in the foot or in the hip the pain may feel very sharp or burning. It is a severe pain, which we as chiropractors can treat well.

Cause of the entrapment

A pinched nerve in the neck or shoulder can develop in different ways. For example, it has to do with bone that grows on a vertebra, and as a result rubs against the nerve. This causes pain. For example, it concerns the large nerves that run out through the spine.
In addition, a nerve in the neck can become pinched by, for example, protrusion of the intervertebral disc. You then suffer from a neck hernia. It can arise spontaneously and disappear like snow in the sun after six to twelve weeks.

Complaints with entrapment in the neck or shoulder

Would you like to know where the complaints come from when you get pinched in the neck or shoulder? With an MRI we determine exactly what the cause is and how the complaints arise. The typical complaints you experience are, for example:

  • Pain in the neck, shoulder and/or arm
    Do you have pain in the neck, shoulder and/or arm? It is often a radiating pain, which moves from the neck to the shoulder and/or arm.
  • Tingling, numbness and loss of strength
    In addition, there is a good chance that you will experience tingling or numbness in the neck, shoulder and/or arm. In addition, this can be accompanied by loss of strength.

Tip: do you experience other complaints, but are you thinking about a pinched nerve in the neck? We would be happy to determine together with you what is going on.

Treatment by the chiropractor

We can treat a pinched nerve in the neck well. As a chiropractor, we determine exactly what is going on. Based on this, we propose a treatment plan. Of course, we focus on the spine and nervous system, because that’s where the pain ultimately comes from.

Pinched nerve in neck

In this way we treat a pinched nerve in the neck, so that you will suffer as little as possible. We remedy the pain, so that you feel the freedom to move pain-free again.

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