Pinched nerve in hip


Suffering from a pinched nerve in the hip? That can be very painful. It causes a sharp pain in the thigh, hip or groin.
Nerves transmit pain signals. A pinched nerve in the hip or, for example, in the neck can be very painful in this way. And in fact, there is a chance that the pain will radiate, for example to your leg.
In many cases, it is a tendon, ligament or bone that presses against the nerve. This leads to entrapment, so that you can feel an annoying and sharp pain in the hip, for example. The nerve signals are aggravated or, on the contrary, interrupted. This is due to the pressure, irritation or friction. Medically we speak of radiculopathy.

Symptoms: Recognize a Pinched Nerve in the Hip

Curious about the symptoms of a pinched nerve in the hip? We list the most important ones:

  • Sharp, searing or burning pain
  • Pain in the hip, thigh or groin
  • Dull pain in the buttocks or hips
  • Numbness in the leg or hip
  • Tingling sensation from pinpricks
  • Difficulty moving the hip or leg

Movement will make the pain or numbness worse in most cases. If so, that is a clear indication that it is a pinched nerve in the hip.

Cause of the entrapment

A pinched nerve in the hip can arise from a number of different causes. Maybe you slept in the wrong position or you just had a serious accident. It can be a very minor or a much larger cause.
Repetitive stress on the hip, back and other joints near it can also cause this. Often a pinching of a nerve in the hip is due to a fall, an accident or a sports injury. Sleeping in the wrong position or too tight hip flexors (muscles that help move the hip) can also lead to these annoying complaints.

Pinched nerve in hip: treat

Fortunately, we can treat the pinched nerve in the hip well as a chiropractor. We analyze what exactly is going on and determine where the pain comes from. Sometimes it is a compression in the hip itself, although it can also be in one of the other joints. We determine exactly what is going on. As soon as this is clear, we propose the treatment. In this way we treat you for the pinched nerve in the hip, as well as for the pain you experience as a result.

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