Pinched nerve shoulder


A pinched nerve in the shoulder can be very painful. It is a sharp pain that can also feel burning. Just like with a pinched nerve in a leg or the foot can also radiate the pain. This means that the pain moves through the shoulder, the neck and, for example, your arm(s).

Symptoms of the Pain

A pinched nerve in the shoulder can lead to a number of different symptoms. So are you curious whether it is indeed a nerve compression? Pay close attention to these symptoms:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Pain in the neck when moving the head back and forth
  • Radiating the tingling to the fingers and hand

Other symptoms are possible, depending on where exactly the nerve is pinched. There can also be a number of different causes.

Cause of the pinched nerve

Curious about the cause of the nerve compression in the shoulder? For example, it concerns a protrusion of an intervertebral disc or swollen tissue. In addition, it may be tissue or bone that protrudes and thus leads to problems.
A pinched nerve in the shoulder affects the cervical spine. These are the first seven vertebrae, which we also know as the cervical vertebrae. The pain can then radiate to another part of the body, making it sometimes difficult to recognize where exactly it comes from.
As chiropractors we determine exactly where the pain comes from. We determine the exact cause and treat it accordingly. So does the pain come from part of the spine and nervous system that runs through it? We eliminate the cause of the pain. In this way we ensure that you can move the shoulder pain-free again. It also removes the radiating pain in other places. In this way we ensure that you can move freely again, without having to worry about the vertebra in the column.

Pinched nerve shoulder

A pinched nerve in the shoulder hurts more or less with certain movements. Turning, outside and lifting in particular can be difficult. Sometimes the entrapment is caused by an acute injury or situation. For example, a sports injury or a car accident. In other cases, the problems arise more gradually. As soon as the nerve is pinched, it hurts, so you will feel a shooting pain through the body. From that moment on, it is wise to have this treated by a chiropractor, for example.

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