Pinched nerve


A pinched nerve can be very painful. On the other hand, it can lead to a tingling or dull pain. The symptoms are very different depending on the type of nerve and the degree of compression.
So is it a pinched nerve in the back with radiation to your leg? It feels very different from a pinched nerve in a leg. As a chiropractor, we determine exactly what is going on and how we can treat you properly.

In the neck, spine, wrist or elbow

The pinched nerve can occur in all kinds of places in the body. This happens, for example, in the neck, spine, wrist or elbow. These are well-known places with many (large) nerves, which can become trapped.
Nerves can easily become pinched, especially in the spine. You will notice this mainly when turning, lifting and bending. At those moments, the space for nerves diminishes. An entrapment can occur, which can be very painful. Or it can actually lead to numbness. Exactly what you experience depends on the type of compression and the nerve involved.
The symptoms of a pinched nerve consist of sharp pain in the affected body part, numbness and, for example, tingling. You will also notice muscle spasms and decrease in muscle strength.

Nerve pinched: what is the cause?

The exact cause of a pinched nerve can vary. Sometimes it involves compression, such as with a hernia, arthritis or heel spurs. In other cases, it is an accident or poor posture, as well as overexertion and overweight. Depending on what exactly happens, a nerve can become inflamed and pinched. Poor nutrition and poor health, among other things, can further contribute to this, causing the complaints to increase.

Pinched Nerve

Are you thinking of a pinched nerve and would you like to have it treated? As chiropractors, we know what can be wrong. And how to treat the nerve entrapment.
Before we get started, we determine exactly what is going on. Based on this, we propose a treatment plan. Together we determine the precise approach, with which we remove the pinching of the nerve. In this way, the pain and any other complaints that you are experiencing will disappear.

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